LSD Symposium in Basel 2006

Produktionsjahr: 2006
Dokumentarfilm über das LSD Symposium in Basel, am 14. / 15. Januar 2006.
Von Rosebud Production, Long Beach, California.  

Buch und Regie: 
Dennis McDougal
Rosebud Production, Long Beach, California 

"Renatus – I had my first cup of Jurra coffee this morning after rewiring the house to accommodate my new machine. I also got my first glimpse of some of the footage that you and Reinhard shot for us while we were in Basel for the Hoffman LSD conference. Both the coffee and the footage were delicious. The two of you were spectacular and made our entire trip worthwhile. I know I also speak for Linda and Jeff when I say, we cannot thank you enough. I don’t know when our paths will cross again, but I’m sure they will. Until then, I have to go make another cup of coffee.
Your friend
Dennis McDougal"