Judith Lichtneckert
Born in Basel in 1970. Lives and works in Basel and Zürich.Studied Sociology, English and Media Studies at Basel University. Besides that trained as a programmer in application development and as director’s secretary. further education as multi media master. Bass player in a rock band for eight years and manager of a booking agency for European tours. Since 2000 main focus on film/video.
Since 2002 member of point de vue, working on documentaries, corporate films and exhibitions as production assistant, production manager and producer.
2002 - 2005 member of the Basel based multimedia-theatre group ex/ex, in charge of the video section. 2005 director of a music-videoclip, 2005/06 project manager and curator of an exhibition series (12 parts) for video and new media on the premises of an arthouse cinema in Basel.
Since 2005 freelance assistant director and production manager on fiction films and commercials, since 2010 also as a producer.
more detailed c.v. as pdf.
Main projects at point de vue:
Museum of Communication, Berne
Permanent exhibition: „Abenteuer Kommunikation“, production management

Point de vue DOC:
2011: Fritz Hauser - Trommel mit Mann, Producer
2005/06  The Mad Swiss, Production Manager
2005/06  Trophies of Time, Production Assistant
2004     Gadi's Dilemma - The Story of an Israeli Officer, Production Assistant, Distribution
2002     Music Mavericks - On The Road With Street Musicians, Distribution
2002     Hacienda del Teatro, Distribution
In development with unico film und projektrealisation: Reset & Restart, Director  
Freelance Fiction:
In Postproduction (Release 2011): "Mary & Johnny" Producer, Production Management, 1st AD, P: kamm(m)acher gmbh, D: Samuel Schwarz & Julian M. Grünthal
2008/2009 "Hunkeler und der Fall Livius", TV fiction film 90 min. P: snakefilm, D: Stefan Jäger. (Production manager)
2008  „Manipulation“, theatrical fiction film 90 min., P: sunvision Filmatelier, D: Pascal Verdosci. (A.D.).
2007  „Hunkeler macht Sachen“, TV fiction film 90 min. P: PS Film, D: Markus Fischer. (Production Assistant)
2006  „Liebe und Wahn“, TV fiction film 90 min., P: C-Films, D: Mike Huber. (2. A.D.)
„Nur ein Sommer“,theatrical fiction film 90 min., P: Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion   / Razor Film Berlin, D: T. Staudt. (Production Assistant)
„Geld oder Leben“ theatrical fiction film 90 min. P: Moving Image GmbH. D: Jacqueline Falk. (A.D.).
2005  „Chicken Mexicaine“ theatrical fiction film 90 min., P: Triluna Film AG, Insertfilm AG, biehler.film. D: Armin Biehler. (Casting) 
Short Films / Music Video Clip 
2010 "Die Praktikantin" fiction 30 Min. P: Spotlight Media Productions, R: Peter Luisi (1st AD)
2008  „510 Meter über dem Meer“ fiction film 20 min., P: Zürich University of the Arts, Master of Arts in Film, D: Kerstin Polte. (Production Manager)
2007  „Endsieg“ fiction film 9 min., P: Zürich University of the Arts, Master of Arts in Film, D: Daniel Casparis, Niccolo Castelli. (1st AD)
„Wieder ein Tag“, fiction film 10 min., P: Zürich University of the Arts, Master of Arts in Film, D: Kerstin Polte. (Production Manager) 
2005 – „Obszöne Neue Welt“ 3 1/2 min. music video clip for the Swiss band Metallspürhunde, (Screenwriter, Director, Editor). 
Project Manager of: BEAM ON www.beam-on.ch


E-Mail: jlichtneckert(at)pointdevue.ch