Reinhard Manz
HafenbeckenManager of point de vue
Author, Producer, Project Manager

Born 1951 in Biel, raised in Zofingen.
Lives in Riehen.

1972-77 Art pedagogy studies at the Berlin University of Arts
1979 Co-founder of the video cooperative Basel (now point de vue),
1979-2001 Tutor for film, video and interaction at the HGK - School of Art and Design, Basel, in the departments vis_com and fine arts / media art.

Filmography (Selection):
2019 Albrecht Schnider - Was bleibt by Rita Ziegler, Reinhard Manz, Producer
2019 Kopf oder Zahl - Luzern der Film, von Reinhard Manz, Director
2013 Wir von da oben - Generationenwechsel auf der Alp by Rita Ziegler, Producer
2013 Der Weiss Code - Heinrich Weiss Erfinder und Sammler, Co-Director
2004 “Gadi's Dilemma - The Story of an Israeli Officer” by Georg Hδsler, Producer
2002 “Hacienda del Teatro”, Producer and co-author
1998 “Cameras not Cannons”, Producer and co-author
1994 “Propaganda Fide”, Producer and author
1991 “Unter einem Dach”, co-author
1984 “Klassentreffen”, co-author
Video Art and videos for New Music:
1979 “Wegbeschreibung / Entschriftung der Greifengasse”
1983 “Wegbeschreibung / Entschriftung der Greifengasse”
1988 “Vie Central”
1988 “Drama”, co-author 
1990 “About Progress”
1993 “7 1/2”,  co-author
1993 “Bitte bleiben Sie stehen”
2002 “Klangbilder einer Stadt”

E-Mail: rmanz(at)