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Quitt goes into the 2nd half.
The production of the animated film series Quitt by Uri Urech goes into the second half. Six out of twelve episodes are shot. Currently, the storyboards of the remaining six episodes are in development Completion of all episodes and release from December 2018.


[x] Co-operators
Erich Busslinger Angelo Alfredo Ldin Reinhard Manz Jonas Schaffter Franz Schnyder Hansmartin Siegrist Uri Urech Andreas Weber

Rita Ziegler
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* 1950 in Basel.

Sculpture Studies at the Berlin University of Arts.

Formation of the independent theatre group Birne-Theater fr Kinder". Worked the following ten years as an actress and co-writer, built puppets and masks for theatre and film.
Among others Ratz und Rbe" for the series Rappelkiste", ZDF.

Screenwriter of several feature films in the childrens programme of the German television channels SFB and ZDF for the series: Morgen schon", Bettkantengeschichten", Hals ber Kopf", Karfunkel"; Co-director and dramatic consultant for various feature film productions.
Freelance editorial collaboration at the ZDF.
Documentary fairytale Die versteckte Prinzessin" for SFB.
Dramaturgical consultancy for B. & T.
Sculptural works in plaster, terracotta & bronze.
Exhibitions in Berlin, Leipzig, Basel, Zrich.
Documentary Wir haben den Krper nur geborgt" about burial rituals in Bali.

Documentary Wir da oben in den Bergen, produced by point de vue.