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Quitt goes into the 2nd half.
The production of the animated film series Quitt by Uri Urech goes into the second half. Six out of twelve episodes are shot. Currently, the storyboards of the remaining six episodes are in development Completion of all episodes and release from December 2018.


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Erich Busslinger Angelo Alfredo Ldin Reinhard Manz Jonas Schaffter Franz Schnyder Hansmartin Siegrist Uri Urech Andreas Weber

Uri Urech
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E-Mail: uurech(at)pointdevue.ch
Tel. Direkt: 061 383 02 22
Tel. Mobil: 077 423 72 05



Production Manager, Director, Producer. Studied at the faculty of philosophy and history in Basel. Photographer. Further education in audio-visual design at the School of Art and Design, Basel and 'Change Management' course at the College for higher education, Basel.

Films, videos and installations:
2005 Bear Bread Film
2003 Uniglory
2002 Schnapp!
2000 Skip a Rope
2000 Trois Pomes d'Amour
2000 Blockhouse
1998 Rockin' Robin
1997 Hotel el Portal
since 2003 www.hurter-urech.ch