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Piet Esch from point de vue realized for the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures (IXDM) a Corporate Video: 
Concept/Videography: Piet Esch; Soundtrack: Late Echo Express Untitled A1 (Parallel EP, Hidden Hawaii); Subtitle: Burke Barrett

The Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures (IXDM) with its Critical Media Lab is a research institute and research facility located within the Academy of Art and Design FHNW in Basel.
Research at the lab combines practice-based and experimental engagements of media technologies with historical and genealogical inquiries into these very technologies and their media practices and cultures.
In this brief glimpse behind the scenes of the lab, the director and researchers of the institute introduce some of the many-faceted approaches of research at IXDM.
Digital WQHD 16:9, Zweikanal-Audio, 07:20 Min.
IXDM / CML An introduction 2018
updated: 28.06.2018

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Erich Busslinger Angelo Alfredo Ldin Reinhard Manz Jonas Schaffter Franz Schnyder Hansmartin Siegrist Uri Urech Andreas Weber

Albena Mihaylova
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Albena Mihaylova Bendji

artist and film maker


Born 9. June 1959 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Works since 1995 in Switzerland and in Bulgaria.


Grenze AG bendji art projects

Elssserstrasse 248 CH-4056 Basel

cel. +41 79 672 32 56


www.bendji-art.ch  www.paraivyara.eu


Documentary experience

20122013 Ex Oriente MEDIA training programs and pitch forum

20082011 StoryDoc MEDIA training programs and pitch forum



20082009 License Art Pedagogy, Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria


Art Education

19951998 Diplom, High School for Art and New Media in Basel, Switzerland

19951997 training at Electronic Audio Design Studio, Music Academy Basel, Switzerland

19781984 MA, Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria

19741978 College of Fine Arts, Bulgaria


Professional experiences

Since 2009 Running Cilturinstitut BInB

Since 2004 Teaching jobs at Schools and Universities in Switzerland and in the Balkan countries.

20032005 Curator of the Art Space Baudialog in Zrich, Switzerland

Since 2001 Works as Photograph and Graphik Designer for the Public Press

19982002 Multimedia Projects. Coordinator of the Swiss participation on the different Festivals in Bulgaria

19982000 Coordinator and member of VIA - laboratory for Audio Video Photo Art in Basel,

19971998 Art-educational experiences during the Workshops at UNICEF, Switzerland.

19941996 Curator of the artist exchange between Switzerland and Bulgaria in co-operation with

Pro Helvetia Switzerland, Soros Art  Centre in Sofia and Akrabov Gallery in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

19931995 Docent at the College of Stage Design in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

19901995 Founded and developed Akrabov Gallery and a private art school in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

19841990 Free art projects in the feel of performance, installation and experimental print graphic.



www.balimage.ch, Film and Media Art

Grenze AG, Art Studios Collective

www.sbhart.com, Union of Bulgarian Artists



199598 MIGROS Foundation Zurich, Switzerland

1995 Soros Centre in Sofia, Bulgaria

1994 Foundation BINZ 39, Zurich, Switzerland



2008 Nomination Contemporary Art Award Bulgaria

2002 ARTMargins image base: selected as a one of the most important artists from East-Central Europe.

1991 Annual exhibition of young Bulgarian artists Sofia, Bulgaria

1991 International graphic biennial Varna, Bulgaria

1989 International graphic biennial Varna, Bulgaria