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Quitt goes into the 2nd half.
The production of the animated film series Quitt by Uri Urech goes into the second half. Six out of twelve episodes are shot. Currently, the storyboards of the remaining six episodes are in development Completion of all episodes and release from December 2018.


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Erich Busslinger Julian Gresenz Judith Huber Angelo Alfredo Ldin Reinhard Manz Uri Urech Andreas Weber Dan Wenger

Reinhard Manz
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E-Mail: rmanz(at)pointdevue.ch
Tel. Mobil: 076 447 25 04



HafenbeckenManager of point de vue
Author, Producer, Project Manager

Born 1951 in Biel, raised in Zofingen.
Lives in Riehen.

1972-77 Art pedagogy studies at the Berlin University of Arts
1979 Co-founder of the video cooperative Basel (now point de vue),
1979-2001 Tutor for film, video and interaction at the HGK - School of Art and Design, Basel, in the departments vis_com and fine arts / media art.

Filmography (Selection):
2004 Gadi's Dilemma - The Story of an Israeli Officer by Georg Hsler, Producer
2002 Hacienda del Teatro, Producer and co-author
1998 Cameras not Cannons, Producer and co-author
1994 Propaganda Fide, Producer and author
1991 Unter einem Dach, co-author
1984 Klassentreffen, co-author
Video Art and videos for New Music:
1979 Wegbeschreibung / Entschriftung der Greifengasse
1983 Wegbeschreibung / Entschriftung der Greifengasse
1988 Vie Central
1988 Drama, co-author 
1990 About Progress
1993 7 1/2,  co-author
1993 Bitte bleiben Sie stehen
2002 Klangbilder einer Stadt