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Neu im Verleih: Kamera Sony FX6 mit diversem Zubehr
4K Vollformat Sensor Cinema Line Kamera mit E-Mount 
- professionelle Videokamera der Sony Cinema Line
- 10.2 Megapixel Exmor R CMOS-Sensor
- 4K-Vollformataufnahme mit bis zu 120p
- 10-Bit 4:2:2-Aufzeichnung
- bis zu 15+ Stufen Dynamikumfang
- schneller Hybrid-Autofokus und Echtzeit-Augen-AF
- kompakte und leichte Bauweise

Inklusive E zu EF Adapter, Richtmikrofon, Schultersttze mit VCT-Platte und Handel-Verlngerung als einsatzbereites Set fr Schulter- und Stativaufnahmen.

Tagesansatz: 180.- CHF

Das Set kommt ohne Optiken, diese knnen separat bei uns dazu gemietet werden!
aktualisiert: 20.02.2022

Equipment Rental
Open: MO - FR 9:00 bis 12:30 am
Recording (cameras, lighting, sound)

Editing (digital editing suites)

Presentation (monitors, projectors, screens, players)

Concept and design  
- We make concepts and films.
- We log events by multiple cameras.
- We create and design multimedia installations with video projections, displays and interactive multichannel media players.
- We take responsibility for set up and support of technics at events and exhibitions.
- We create files and realize programmed playback by computer, DVD, Blu-ray and other media players.
- We have the knowledge and the technical infrastructure to restore, transfer, save, and examine visual and audio material in all of its recent and past formats:
U-matic Lowband/HighbandSP; DVCAM/MiniDV; HDV; Beta SP/SX/IMX; Hi-8; S-VHS/VHS/VHS-C; Laser Disc; Video (open coil); Super8/Normal8.
- We provide hardware for instantaneous signal conversion of analog into digital formats (and reverted) and splitting of signals to multiple displays   We process video and audio for all applications and encode them for: Internet; media player; DVD; Blu-ray; Cinema (DCP); Archives, etc.