Albrecht Schnider – Was bleibt

What characterizes the shy and multi-talented Swiss painter Albrecht Schnider in his creative work are experiences. He reflects on these experiences from his 30 years as an artist. To that extent, the film "Albrecht Schnider - Bis das Bild mich anschaut" (Albrecht Schnider - Until the Picture Looks at Me) not only wants to tell about the intimate, sometimes painful struggle to create a picture, but also to give new attention to his own seeing and recognizing. Not only the world of art, but also viewing habits have changed radically, and the question arises: Is the struggle for the "truth" of a painting still contemporary? With today's digital overload of images, are we still able to look at a picture more closely and perceive our own sensibilities in the process?

Category: Documentary
From: Rita Ziegler
Status: In evaluation
Production Year: 2019

Language: Swiss German
Subtitles: English / German
Duration: 77 min
Duration TV-Version: 52 min
Format: Full HD, DCP
Sound: Stereo


Rita Ziegler

Reinhard Manz

Isabelle Casez

Additional Camera
Rita Ziegler, Martina Radwan, Reinhard Manz

Johannes Schneeweiss, Andreas Tölke, Bianca Schulze

Valérie Smith

mindjazz, Cologne (international)
point de vue DOC, Basel (Switzerland)



With the financial support of

SRG, Succès passage antennes

IFFG Film Funding of the Lucerne Canton

Ernst Göhner Foundation

Thomas Schulte Gallery, Berlin