Leo and Denny, two young guys. Here is a rebellious poacher in the Alps, there is a lost murderer in the Wild West.
The actors, plastic mannequins with human physiognomies, drift through real alpine snow landscapes and the vastness of barren desert regions. They love, ride, drink, dance, pray, philosophy, shoot animals - and they shoot each other.
Song interludes comment on the action and transform it into fantastic, surreal spheres.
Quitt = art, comic, trash!

Based on the novel 'Quitt' by Theodor Fontane

Release April 2023

➔ Episodes 1-12
➔ Trailer german
➔ Trailer with English dialogue boxes
➔ Making of: 7 statements by some of the performers

Category: Animation film series
From: Uri Urech
Status: in evaluation
Production Year: 2015 - 2023

Language: Swiss German, German
Versions: Text boxes ENG. And FRENCH.
Duration: 12 x 11 min
Format: Full HD
Sound: stereo


Script and Direction
Uri Urech

point de vue

Camera Studio
Andi Weber

Camera Land and Animals
Uri Urech

Mathias Stich, Reinhard Manz

Uri Urech, Alma Buddecke

Editing, Compositing, Colorgrading
Iris Ganz

Songs, Original Music, Sound Design
Barbara Naegelin

Andrea Bettini, Klaus Brömmelmeier, Raphael Clamer,
Jeanne Devos, Vera Flück, Charlotte Heinimann, Janek Holliger,
Gilles Marti, Sasha Mazzotti, Yves Raeber, Dimitri Stapfer.

Casting and Direction Voice Recordings
Stephan Heilmann

Set Assistance
Julian Gresenz/Alma Buddecke

EDIT Nicole Boillat, Iris Ganz

Werner Aellen, Regula Hurter, Camille Hongler

Uri Urech, Alma Buddecke, Dan Wenger

Animal Supervision
Markus Hebeisen, Sabine Hertig, Billy Foster, Mi Zhou, Weihermätteli Animal Park Liestal

Advice Direction
Regula Hurter

Advice Soundmix and Music
Oswald Schwander, David Kerman

Erich Busslinger

Studio Assistance
Julian Gresenz, Alma Buddecke, Cedric Kleinemeier


With the support of

BAK Federal Office of Culture

Specialist Committee on Film and Media Art BS/BL

Aargau Curatorium

succès passage antenne SRG SSR


Voices about Quitt

I enjoyed the film around and around.
Priska Purschert

Images from "Quitt" appear again in my mind's eye this morning. Landscapes, moods, sounds, all kinds of animals, bold colours and grandiose black and white ...
And then these strange puppet mechanics. These staring looks for all the drama. That too sticks in the mind. The same goes for the music and the songs with their monotonous urgency.
Peter Burri

In any case, one can talk for a long time about your really insane work, which is sooo tight and in a good sense bulky and elegant at the same time! Bravo congratulations!
Muda Mathis

The film has lingered with me for a long time and the richness of its facets is overwhelming, despite its simplicity, or precisely because of it. Bravo, it was great. This charm and anti-charm, I don't know, I enjoyed the tension field very much in any case, and again and again the animals, which brought the stories to life for me.
Simon Thiele

The music and sound design added another dimension to the surreal visual world.
Renatus Zürcher and Marlise Gerber

The film created a strong impression and a strong, lingering feeling: The menacing and increasingly threatening actions of the human puppets brought to life ... The feelings under the lid ... the pious exhortations and finally the violence......and everything with the stiff "dead" human figures and the living or killed animals ...
Actually, the film seemed like a dream to me ... By the way, I was able to distinguish the puppets amazingly quickly, and they became more and more alive for me in the course of the film. When I looked at the making of, they were all old acquaintances ...
Patrizia Levante

The way the 12 episodes of 'Quitt' were structured, the slow build-up to the
story and the ingenious realisation, it was a total joy to see so much imagination and skill.
*Elsbeth Gyger

The film is extraordinary in many ways. It will not be forgotten in a flash.
Werner von Mutzenbecher

In the encounter with the nature shots and the music (which I find very great), the puppet characters took on a ghostly liveliness ... and topicality, when I imagine how we humans are also being "controlled" more and more ...
Very stimulating and enjoyable.
Bernadette Johnson