Team, cooperative and mission statement

Our team is made up of a wide variety of film and media professionals, all working on individual audiovisual projects.

Andreas Weber Andreas Weber
Andreas Weber
Business manager, production, service
Lea Fröhlicher Lea Fröhlicher
Lea Fröhlicher
filmmaker, producer, communication
Piet Esch Piet Esch
Piet Esch
video artist, filmmaker, author
Judith Huber Judith Huber
Judith Huber
administration, finances
Simon Denzler Simon Denzler
Simon Denzler
camera person, equipment rental
Julian Gresenz Julian Gresenz
Julian Gresenz
equipment rental, media installation
Jonas Schaffter Jonas Schaffter
Jonas Schaffter
director, photography, acquisition


point de vue has existed as a cooperative since 1980. Today, most of the employees are still members of the cooperative and have a say in the development and future vision of point de vue. We look to the future and look forward to more young cooperative members.

Erich Busslinger
Milan Büttner
Simon Denzler
Piet Esch
Lea Fröhlicher
Julian Gresenz
Angelo A. Lüdin
Albena Mihaylova
Jonas Schaffter
Franz Schnyder
Hansmartin Siegrist
Uri Urech
Andreas Weber

In memoriam Reinhard Manz

Mission statement

point de vue is an independent production company for documentaries, media art and audiovisual commissioned projects since 1980. For the realization of our projects and as an internal field of experimentation, we maintain our own premises and infrastructure. We offer our clients this together with our know-how in the form of consulting, conception and realization of their projects.

It is our concern to combine quality of life with progressive working conditions and a high degree of personal responsibility and initiative in our work.
Our declared goal is to promote aesthetic and artistic engagement with audiovisual media through a committed, creative and reflective media practice, and to develop independent, innovative works. We are particularly committed to the promotion, realization, mediation and dissemination of authoring projects with artistic and socially relevant content.

The corporate form of point de vue is the cooperative. It offers its members co-determination and participation in the company.
As a cooperative, point de vue aims to influence the cultural environment through its activities and to offer a young generation of media professionals entry and realization opportunities in a stimulating environment, as well as to enable active participation and membership.

point de vue is in a phase of change. A new generation of young media professionals has taken over and is looking for more talented and motivated media professionals for possible collaborations or employment. We want to orient ourselves more broadly towards audiovisual media of all kinds and, in addition to our documentary work, we also want to tackle more fictional projects.

point de vue is a place for artistic and cinematic exchange. Come by! We are looking forward to an exciting future together.

(point de vue is a member of SFP - Swiss Film Producer's Association)