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point de vue untersttzt die 5. Ausgabe des
Noch bis am 25. September
im Humbug und im neuen kino.
Der Krper ist Ort stndiger Auseinandersetzung in persnlichen, sozialen, politischen und auch wissenschaftlichen Kontexten. Neue Entwicklungen in der Medizin, den Genderwissenschaften oder den sozialen Medien fordern unsere Gesellschaft heraus, das Verhltnis zum Krper immer neu auszuhandeln. Unser Festival widmet sich deshalb den politischen, wissenschaftlichen und gesellschaftlichen Fragen, die sich rund um den Krper stellen: Wie entstehen Schnheitsideale? Warum geht der weibliche Krper bei der Datenerhebung oft vergessen? Was passiert bei DNA-Vernderung und welche Auswirkungen hat das auf die Bioethik?
aktualisiert: 06.09.2021

[x] Mission Statement
point de vue is an independent production based in Basel. Our varied output includes the production of documentaries, media art and audiovisual commissions. We use our own extensive in-house facilities both for the production of our projects and for artistic experiments.
Our facilities are fully available to our clients. Combined with our vast experience in consultancy, conception and production this ensures that our clients receive a premium service throughout the production process.

As an enterprise it is our aim to produce work of the highest quality in the field of audiovisual media. We aim to combine a friendly, progressive working environment with a high measure of personal responsibility and initiative.

With committed, creative and reflected media practice, we aim to foster the aesthetic and artistic exploration of new media and to develop an original and innovative audiovisual language in the field of film, video and new media.
Herein, we are particularly committed to support individual projects with an artistically and socially relevant content.

point de vue is organised as a cooperative and offers its members co-determination and participation in the structural development of the company.
It is our aim to communicate our work to the cultural sphere and to offer stimulating production facilities to a young generation of media producers as well as encourage their collaboration and membership.
point de vue is a member of SFP - Swiss Film Producer's Assiciation
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