Communication adventure

Permanent exhibition at the Museum for Communication, Bern
In collaboration with the companies Element GmbH and i-art, point de vue developed and realised a new permanent exhibition on media communication in the past and present on 1000m2. In over twenty image and sound installations, point de vue presents the forms and means, the blessings and difficulties of communicative processes. The spectrum ranges from the signals of everyday body language, to Morse code messages, to the generation of artificial beings in cyberspace.

Category: Exhibition
From: Uri Urech

Production year: 2003


Project Manager
Uri Urech

Production Manager
Judith Lichtneckert

Installation Concepts
Uri Urech, Reinhard Manz, Renatus Zürcher, Franz Schnyder, Judith Lichtneckert, Muda Mathis, Sus Zwick, Fränzi Madörin, pankraz film